Planning Commission

(From left to right: Travis Olson, Rob Brass, Carl Lacey, Jr., Misty Bowe, Brian Dahlke, Susan Cross, Heather Pfeiffer, Aaron Sailer, Todd Urbanski)

Planning Commission sitting in council chambers

Regular Meetings

Meeting Information

About the Commission

The Planning Commission consists of 7 regular members and 2 alternates, who are appointed by the City Council for 3-year terms. 

Most resident come in contact with the Planning Commission during public hearings for subdivisions of land, rezoning, or variances from the Zoning Ordinance. The commission forwards their recommendations, along with public input from these hearings, to the City Council for final action. 

The City's Planning Department does all research and paperwork for the commission. 


  • Brian Dahlke - Chairperson
  • Misty Bowe - Vice Chairperson
  • Rob Brass
  • Susan Cross
  • Carl Lacey Jr.
  • Heather Pfeiffer
  • Aaron Sailer
  • Todd Urbanski (1st Alternate)
  • Travis Olson (2nd Alternate)