Election Results

The General Election Results will be available on the Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State's website

Chaska Municipal Elections

The mayor and council members are non-partisan municipal offices which do not require a primary election. The 2018 General Election filing period is closed. 

For more information on candidates running for Mayor, Ward 1 Council Member, and Ward 3 Council Member, see our Mayor & City Council Candidates page.

Polling Places   

All polling places will be open from 7:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. on Election Day. All Chaska residents must vote in their respective ward. 

View our interactive Chaska Ward Map to find out which ward you live in and where your polling site is located. Just type in your address to get started. You can also access the State of Minnesota Polling Place Finder.

If you already know your ward, you can click on the polling place addresses below for directions to each location.

If you have specific questions, please contact Denise Wetzel, Elections Coordinator for the City of Chaska, at 952-227-7511, or by Email.


Every 10 years, upon completion of the federal census, the federal, state and local levels of government go through a process of redistricting. The redistricting process is completed to help balance resident populations within district lines, so as to ensure equal representation.

The City of Chaska redistricting process, utilized the following objectives:

  • Do not make changes that significantly impact residents in a negative way
  • Remain at 4 precincts (1 polling site per ward)
  • Have population sizes within each of the wards be as equal as possible
  • Keep a 4 ward system within the City of Chaska
  • Keep ward borders as logical as possible, based on major landmarks; roads, rivers, etc.