Conclusion of the 13 October 2018 Vehicle Crash and Drowning Deaths Investigation

The investigation into the vehicle crash and resulting drowning deaths of Zeynab Abdalla, age 19, and Bushra Abdi, age 19, both residents of Shakopee (MN) has been concluded. The case is now inactive.

The Minnesota State Patrol reconstructed the crash and the vehicle’s entry into a holding pond, at MN HWY 41 and White Oak Drive, in the city of Chaska (MN). The crash occurred on Saturday 13 October 2018, at approximately 3 AM.

The reconstruction shows that the vehicle was traveling southbound on MN HWY 41 and the driver attempted to negotiate a turn onto westbound White Oak Drive. The vehicle was traveling at a speed of 44 MPH. That speed was too great to successfully make the turn at the corner. The vehicle traveled off the street and came to rest in the holding pond and sank, to the bottom, in approximately nine feet of water. Both women were found outside of the vehicle, in the pond, and were deceased.

Based upon statements provided during the investigation, and video evidence, it has been established that Zeynab Abdalla regularly drove the vehicle. It is presumed that Zeynab was driving the vehicle; however, there were no witnesses at the time of the crash so the driver cannot be positively identified/named.

No information or evidence exists that revealed that this incident was anything more than a traffic crash that resulted in the tragic deaths of two young women.

Chaska PD Enters BolaWrap Pilot Program 

The Chaska Police Department has launched a one-year pilot program to test the BolaWrap 100, a non-lethal restraint tool.

The handheld device projects a Kevlar rope 640 ft per second up to 25 feet. The rope, which has small hooks on either end, wraps around a subject one to three times, giving public safety officers a non-lethal option to deescalate situations by restraining a potentially violent subject.

The Chaska Police Department is the first law enforcement agency in Minnesota to utilize the BolaWrap 100 in the field.

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Public Safety Announcements by Nixle

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The Chaska Police Department uses the Nixle text and email messaging system, developed by Nixle LLC, to notify community members of important public safety announcements. These announcements could be advisories for missing persons, alerts for dangerous fugitives, and notifications of emergency road closings. Use the messages to know when to look out, lock down or avoid certain areas. 

We do not inundate you with unnecessary announcements and you will not receive spam or advertising. Nixle is safe and reliable, and you chose whether to receive the emergency messages by text, email or both.

Signing up is easy and free (standard text charges may apply depending on your cell phone plan). Visit Nixle's website to learn more and sign up. 

If you have any questions please contact the Chaska Police Department at 952-448-4200.