Community TV

Chaska Community Television provides local cable access television programming and services for the Chaska and Carver areas on Comcast cable channels 14 and 15. Tune in to CCTV to see programming and information produced for local residents!

Some of our ongoing programming includes live coverage and taped replays of local government meetings, high school sports and special events. We also have live coverage and taped replays of political debates, intensive coverage of local elections.

In between live and taped programs channels 14 and 15 feature text bulletins providing local information from our local government, school district, civic organizations, associations, and more. Also, the Chaska Community Television program schedule can be seen on Channel 15. Local residents and organizations can submit bulletins to CCTV for display on channels 14 and 15.

Advertise on Channels 14 and 15

Advertise your fund-raisers and community events on Chaska Comcast Cable Channels 14 and 15. To submit an advertisement, send flyer or information you wish to post electronically to

Chaska Community Television Playback Schedule

Channel 15

Chaska City Council Meetings
Live - 1st and 3rd Monday of the month
Replays - Monday at 7pm, Tuesday at 8am, and Thursday at 1pm

Chaska Planning Commission Meetings
Live - 2nd Wednesday of the month
Replays - Wednesday at 7pm, Thursday at 8am, and Saturday at 1pm

Chaska Heritage Preservation Commission Meetings
Live - 4th Tuesday of the month
Replays - Sunday at 8am, Tuesday at 1pm, and Saturday at 7pm

Carver City Council Meetings
Replays - Sunday at 7pm, Monday at 8am, Wednesday at 1pm

Carver County Board of Commissioners
Replays - Sunday at 1pm, Thursday at 7pm, Fridays at 8am
Chaska Park Board Meetings
Replays - Monday at 1pm, Friday at 7pm, and Saturday at 8am

Jonathan Association Board Meetings
Live - 2nd Tuesday of the month
Replays - Tuesday at 7pm*, Wednesday at 8am, Friday at 1pm
*The 4th Tuesday of the month the Chaska HPC Meeting is covered live instead.

Schedule is subject to change without notice.