Lions Park Off-Leash Dog Area

Small Fenced-In Area 

The small fenced-in area will officially open Monday, October 29 at 5 p.m. We welcome you and your dog(s) to help us celebrate the occasion and maybe chase a ball or two! 


  • Approximately 1/3 acre
  • Fenced-in dog exercise area 
  • Concrete entrance pad 
  • Drinking station (opening Spring 2019)
  • Wash station (opening Spring 2019)
  • Close proximity to existing shelter with renovated restrooms (opening Spring 2019)
  • On-street parking on Ravoux Rd.

Wooded Fenced-In Area

The wooded fenced-in area is estimated to open in Spring 2019, weather and schedule permitting.


  • Approximately 4.26 acres
  • Fenced-in area with trails
  • Concrete entrance pad
  • Open area at entry
  • Across the creek from the small fenced-in area
  • Access via existing trail or on-street parking on Ravoux Rd.