Chaska Cares


Chaska has always been a community that cares. We pride ourselves on being the best small town in Minnesota. That means we take a personal interest in each and every member of our community.

We care about being a welcoming and inclusive community, which is why we launched our Chaska Cares initiative. Watch Chaska Cares Launch Video.

Let’s show how we are helping each other out. Let’s create positive memories. Let’s encourage optimism and a sense of hope that keeps us looking out for one another. 

To showcase our community’s stories, we’re going to be using the hashtag #ChaskaCares. We’d like to encourage you to do the same when you’re sharing your stories on social media. 

We want to make sure this is a community-wide effort, so we would love to hear how we can help. Email us your requests for help, questions, and suggestions and we’ll do our best to help any way we can.  

The entire City of Chaska organization takes great pride in serving you each and every day. That’s because we care! 


Here’s what we’re currently up to:

Vulnerable Adult Check-In Form

We know that some of our community members may be isolated, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. We want to make sure these individuals feel connected with our community and resources they made need. 

If you have a loved one who is elderly or vulnerable, consider completing a Vulnerable Adult Check-In Form (PDF). Your loved one will receive a check-in phone call from our Chaska Cares team, which consists of City of Chaska, Chaska Police Department, and Chaska Fire Department staff.

Cloth Face Covering Drive

While we received an amazing response to the Governor’s homemade cloth face covering drive, we have found that those in need exceeded our supply.

So, we’re calling on our amazing community to donate more homemade cloth face coverings or cloth face covering supplies like cotton fabric or elastic, so we can better support those in need.

Donations can be dropped off in a collection bin inside the door to the Chaska Police Department at City Hall.

For more info on how to make cloth covering, visit the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website.

If you need a cloth face covering, please email #ChaskaCares.

Birthday Patrols

While our birthday patrols ended on May 31, we were thrilled to celebrate over 350 birthdays. We loved seeing so many smiles, laughs, and waves. 

Thanks again to the Chaska Police and Fire Departments for making this possible!

Community Resources

Visit the Carver County website to view resources available to help residents find access to:

  • Food
  • Transportation
  • Childcare
  • Mental health
  • And more

You can also call the Carver County help line at 952-361-1559.