McKnight Wetland Bank Project

The City of Chaska is in the beginning stages of a multiyear project to restore the McKnight Wetland, which is located north of Pioneer Trail, between McKnight Road and Bavaria Road. The project will result in the restoration of 29.5 acres of drained wetland. Once complete, the City will be approved for approximately 13.5 acres of “wetland credits”, which will be used as mitigation for projects where wetland impacts are unavoidable.   

Chaska created its first wetland bank in 1997 as part of the Chaska Town Course. Currently, 1.4 acres remain from the initial 9 acres that were approved. This new wetland bank will assist the City with its future projects for years to come.     

The wetland restoration will also provide a unique opportunity to enhance and maintain wildlife habitat as well as provide a water quality benefit to the area. Public access and view of the project area is possible from a City trail on the west side of the wetland, which further enhances the public benefit and overall value of the project to the community. 

The wetland restoration will take place over several years and will include construction of a modified outlet, removal of invasive vegetation, and reestablishment of native vegetation. Work conducted this year will primarily focus on the removal of the invasive vegetation. The first activity will be herbicide treatment of the invasive plants.  This may appear unsightly while invasive plant brown and die, however it is an important step to ensure successful establishment of the native vegetation. As the project progresses, additional information of the current status and future activity will be made available.