Pool Schedule

Group of boys playing football in the pool

Registration for Lap Swim and Deep Water Exercise is no longer required. 

*No Lap/Deep Water Tuesdays & Thursdays 11:00-12:00pm
SS Splash during this time

  1. Lap Swim/Deep Water Exercise
  2. Open Swim
  3. Tot-Time Swim
(3 Lanes

Pool Rules

  1. All patrons using the swimming pools or spas must wear a swimsuit.
  2. Swimsuits only are allowed in the pool. The following items may not be worn:
    • Boxers, sports bras or other undergarments
    • Gym shorts
    • Jean shorts
    • Spandex shorts
    • Sweatshirts
    • T-shirts
  3. All patrons wishing to use the pool or spas must take a soaking shower before entering the water.
  4. Children 5 years old and under must have direct in-water supervision by a responsible person 16 years of age or older.  The responsible person must be in the water with a swimsuit on within arm's length of the child at all times.
  5. Flotation devices such as lifejackets or water wings are only allowed with direct in-water supervision of a responsible person 16 years of age or older. Lifejackets or water wings are not allowed in the deep end or on the waterslide. Lifejackets and water wings are the only floatation devices allowed in the pools. 
  6. All non-toilet trained children must wear swim diapers with a plastic liner over them. 
  7. Lap swim is scheduled for those patrons who can swim laps continuously, follow all rules, take directions from the lifeguard, are willing to share a lane, and are able to be respectful of all other patrons. Equipment such as water belts, dumbbells, noodles, fins, kickboards and pull buoys will only be available during lap swim times. 
  8. No food or beverages are allowed in the pool area. Water is allowed in plastic containers, no glass is allowed.
  9. No goggles or toys are allowed in the deep end of the pool or on the slide.
  10. All children must be 48 inches tall to go down the yellow water slide. If a child is not 48 inches they must pass the swim test administered by the lifeguard. Contact a lifeguard for the waterslide swim test procedures.
  11. Patrons must supply their own lifejackets and goggles. Equipment is only for lessons or special events.
  12. No diving in the lap pool, except in the deep end circle.
  13. Parents are not allowed to catch their children jumping off the diving platform or going down the yellow waterslide. They can catch their child going down the caterpillar slide.
  14. No spinning, flips, back dives, back entries or sailor dives off the diving platform, the side of the pool, or off the rope swing.