Chaska Curling Center

A Message From Your Ice Crew

Hello Curlers!!  Happy New Year!  Just a little note from your Ice Crew here at the CCC.  First of all, your Crew would like to say thanks a million for your continued support of our wonderful facility.  You guys are the #1 priority of our Curling Center and we do our best every day to make sure you have a high-quality experience playing on your ice.  This being the start of our 4th year (can you believe it?) we have seen a tremendous jump in the skill set and understanding of strategy for so many of you.  Improvement can be slow but keeping up with it by practicing and most importantly, having fun, are keys to long-term success. 

Making great shots makes us enjoy the game even more right?  That said, keeping the ice in good shape helps that to happen!  As your Ice Crew, we ask that you do your best to keep hands and knees off the ice when delivery stones as your body heat can melt the pebble right off the top of the sheet and create flat spots that the stone will find and go completely off course.  If we get too many of these spots on the sheet, it can really affect the outcome of a game.  Please do your best to stand or squat on your feet while watching your shot travel down the ice. 

You may see a few new curlers in your leagues this year so if you do see them kneeling a bit too long or leaving hand prints please, in a very courteous manner, let them know what is happening to the ice and why they should try to avoid this practice.  If you are a new curler and reading this, please, don’t take any assistance by those with more experience too personally as you will be in the same situation very soon and will hopefully offer this sage advice to a new curler! 

Also, clean shoes, grippers and clothing are very important.  Please dedicate a pair of shoes to the ice if possible and better yet, buy a pair of curling shoes when you get the chance!  Curling shoes can make a big difference in your skill level and help with balance, speed and shot making.  Clothing that doesn’t shed fibers (think jeans, fleece and new clothing that may need a wash or two) is also a good thing to avoid out on the ice.  These clothing particles can catch up under a rock and cause “picks” that make a rock veer off course when you just knew you threw the perfect shot!  Keeping your broom head clean of debris during a game also helps.  There are garbage receptacles appropriately located just off the ice by your sheet that also have small brushes attached to them for you to use to clean that broom head.  Thanks for your help!

Finally, if any of you have any interest in the ice making process and would be looking for some weekend PT work (2-3 hour shifts of ice making) let me know by emailing me at  We have some Saturday and Sunday times available! 

Again, a huge thank you to all of you for your continued support.  We truly hope you all are developing the comradery and friendships that are so much a part of curling.  Remember to get out there and bonspiel too, it’s a great way to improve your game, meet fantastic people and have a weekend you won’t forget! 

Cheers and Good Curling!

League Registration

Thank you to our new and returning teams!  We appreciate your help and prompt attention to the registration emails that have going out.  With almost 240 teams, it can be a process to keep everything moving along in a timely manner- again, thank you!  We are excited for another winter season.

To recap the league registration process:
1) Skips register the team.
2) Three teammates jump on board and we now have every team with 4 players.  With fully rostered teams, scheduling can begin.
3) Rostered sub registration begins to complete a team of up to six players.  All members of the team will receive this email today.  Oct 20th rostered sub reg will close.

Why is having a full roster important?  Any member of the team can play any position on any given night if on the roster.  This will count in the league standings as well.  Not on the roster and looking for a sub- the sub must play lead for the game to count in the standings.

Schedules will be arriving soon.  Have a great league season and contact the Curling Center if there is anything we can help with.  We are here for you!

Locker Renewal

Lockers can be renewed ONLINE, over the phone, or at the front desk.  You must know your locker number to renew.  The rental period is again one year, running through Sept 30, 2020.  Unrented lockers will be checked in early October and locks will be cut (after an attempt to contact you).

TCCA Invitiational

2 teams are still needed for the TCCA Invitational hosted at the Frogtown Curling Club, Oct 18-20.  The event features three teams from each member club, plus one from the TCCA Board.  Four games included, one Friday, two Saturday, and one Sunday.  Dinner is included Saturday night.  Additional details TBD.  This is a great opportunity to visit another club, meet curlers, and represent the Curling Center!  Contact Jeff if interested.

Part-time Staff Needed

The Curling Center is looking for part-time office and ice staff.  Weekend shifts.  Help spread the word and refer over any good people to us!

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